Use Self-Checkout To Make Better Shopping Decisions

Use Self-Checkout To Make Better Shopping Decisions

Self-checkouts are common at many supermarkets today. Weblog Clever Dude suggests this can also save you money.

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When you go through regular checkouts, you often aren’t paying attention to the prices. You might be chatting with a friend, texting, or just otherwise oblivious. Scanning items yourself forces you to see the prices and you are more likely to catch errors. While some people take the view that they won’t use self-checkout because it puts people out of work (or because they don’t see why they should do the task themselves), this is a good argument in its favour.

Why I use the Self-Checkout Lane [Clever Dude]


  • I hate the bloody things… half the time it shouts orders at me, then abuses me if I make a misstep and accuses me of stealing if I forget some critical part of the process… I even had a manager take me off a checkout queue, so the girl who normally supervises it can do it for me to save me waiting. She started, had trouble finding places to put the scanned product, then got called away to deal with another customer who apparently also hated the things. So she then left me waiting ’till I finished the bloody job myself, and actually had the gall to give me that look because I did… 🙁

  • I love these, makes shopping a breeze in and out in no time at all.
    Plus it is always good for a laugh watching those who can’t follow the screen prompts fumble their way through the whole process.

    The only thing that bugs me is seeing people with entire trolleys FULL of items, these checkouts should have a limit like the express lanes other than that, best thing to happen to supermarkets since the barcode.

    • Yes to banning trolleys. The checkout space allocated simply isn’t large enough to take a trolley through and not annoy the person at the adjacent checkout. Especially around lunch time.

  • i thought this was going to be an article about putting everything through as “unwashed loose potatoes”.

  • I don’t see at all how it makes a good argument. Most supermarkets have 15 odd inch screens showing you the same info as the self serve screens.

  • As a former checkout chick (dude), I use them because I cannot stand how useless and slow many cashiers are. I usually finished well before anyone that got to the self-service before me.

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