Use A Lid Rack To Store Your Laptops And Tablets

According to the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report, more than 40 per cent of homes now have one or more tablets in them. Laptops ownership is even greater, with some 80 per cent of Australians owning a portable computer. The offshoot of all this is that our houses are cluttered with tech with no immediately obvious way to store them. Here's one fuss-free solution that will set you back just $7.99

The IKEA Tablet Rack is one of the simplest IKEA hacks we've seen — just buy an IKEA Variera Pot lid organiser and stack your tablets and laptops on it instead. The unit is made from stainless steel and you can customise the length to suit your hardware collection.

The rack should fit most tablets, e-readers and laptops up to a size of around 14 inches. For heavier models, you may need to fasten the rack to a surface, which will also protect against accidental bumps.

You can also gift the tablet rack to a Luddite relative in an attempt to replicate the below Wayne's World scene:


[Via IKEA Hackers]


    At least you're getting self-aware about how excessive some of these hacks are.... by the by, if anyone's drowning in tablets and laptops to the extent they need one of these, I'm a struggling IT student who'll gladly take donations of handmedowns...

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