Use A Projector To Paint Amazing Wall Murals

Use A Projector To Paint Amazing Wall Murals

Most of us aren’t talented enough to create full-sized murals without going down the Pro Hart food-tossing route. If you’d prefer something a little less avant-garde, try using a projector to trace a Louvre-worthy masterpiece on your wall — no artistic skills required!

To create your stylish black-and-white mural, you’ll need two paintbrushes (2mm and 12mm), a paint roller, a bucket of black paint and a projector. Simply project your favourite image onto the intended wall and start tracing/painting.

The trick is to simplify the image by converting it into an inkscape vector prior to projection. This can be achieved via free open source software found here.

It also helps to switch to a negative image so you don’t accidentally trace natural shadows (i.e. — it’s easier to paint over everything that’s white.) Naturally, it’s important to make sure the image is properly aligned or you’ll end up with a slanted painting that you can never straighten. You can find detailed instructions in the link below.

[Via Meta Picture]


  • If you invert the colours, does it look like a blank wall when you turn the projector on?
    Then, when your shadow falls on the wall [or the projector is turned off], the “hidden” picture is revealed.

  • *headsmack* Oh my god. This is the solution to an art problem I have. (That doesn’t involve walls or photos, but does involve up-scaling.)

    …Or rather, HAD.
    Thank you, Chris/Lifehacker.

  • I did this to trace some dragonflies onto our rubbish bins. A bit more personal than simply stencilling the street number on them!

  • I recently saw a local cafe in one of the shopping arcades connected to Town Hall Station using this trick to draw a fancy design on their “specials” neon board. (“Ohhhh…. so THAT’S how they do that….!” 😉

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