Unwhiteboard Cleans Up Whiteboard Photos Via Email

Unwhiteboard Cleans Whiteboard Photos With an Email

Web: You can avoid taking notes during a meeting by simply taking a photo of the whiteboard at the end. But those photos might not be perfectly legible. Unwhiteboard is an email-based service that cleans them up

Simply send your email to this address:

[email protected]

Note that Unwhiteboard won't transcribe your whiteboard. It plays around with the image settings so that the ink has a higher contrast against the white background. The end result is that you can read it more easily.

The app takes a few minutes depending on the size of your photo, but you will eventually receive a more legible version of the image in PDF form.

This is a much easier option than doing those image edits yourself, especially since you don't need any software or app installed. Just one email and you're done.

Unwhiteboard [via Digital Inspiration]


    Bahahahaha, it's a con. They email you back bible extracts. God operates in evil ways sometimes!

    Exactly how much intellectual property is this company acquiring access to completely for free, by offering this service?

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