Turn Copper Pipes And Cap Fittings Into Decorative Planters

Turn Copper Pipes and Cap Fittings into Decorative Planters

Copper planters fit into both rustic and modern spaces, but the kind you have to order can be pricey. Save money by just using hardware store materials.

Poppytalk, for example, showcases these copper caps. They're perfect containers for small plants, such as indoor succulents. The article linked below shows you how to clean the caps before planting.

For larger sizes, ManMade says you can get copper pipes cut to size at home improvement stores, but I wasn't able to find larger widths or prices online. The next time you're at Bunnings, you can check out what's available; it almost certainly will be cheaper than $225 individual copper planter pots.

DIY Mini Copper Planters [Poppytalk]


    I presume that the average joe hasn't realised how much you can get for it at scrap metal prices...

    I hear they go well with gold and silver matching pot stands.

    My platinum and white gold flower vase's look fantastic in the morning light. Found it all in my shed! Amazing what you collect over the years...

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