This Wall-Mounted Standing Desk Offers Storage And Flexibility

This Wall-Mounted Standing Desk Offers Storage and Flexibility

Standing desks are cool and all, but many are just shelves — they don't let you adjust the height of the keyboard or the placement of the mouse. This DIY wall-mounted desk-shelf from Instructables user ewilhelm gives you the best of both worlds.

You can see what it looks like in the image above. Aside from getting the components required to assemble the whole thing, it's a straight-forward build. ewilhelm (the founder of Instructables, by the way), explained that he prefers to stand while working but didn't want a rigid keyboard tray, so he built this instead. He had the wood cut (it's walnut, which explains why it looks so good), and he had it cut to fit together instead of having exposed brackets or hardware installed to keep the wood together. The keyboard try is a Kensington 60044 that he also trimmed down so he could stand closer to the screen.

If you want the same for your home office, you'll probably need to get the wood cut for you at your local hardware store, unless you have access to the tools he had (which you might, if you have a Hackerspace nearby).

Wall Mounted Standing Desk [Instructables]


    Thanks for sharing. I'm a fan of the space savings of a wall mounted desk as well as the health and productivity benefit of a standing desk. I've developed my own prototype which I'll be launching on kickstarter soon!

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