Think Like An Assassin On Public Transport To Secure A Window Seat

In spy movies, assassins typically stand at the back of trains and buses so they can keep tabs on everybody's comings and goings. This usually culminates in an oblivious target getting violently dispatched from behind (although the hero usually intervenes at the last second). While we don't condone killing people for money, the same tactic can be applied to the art of nabbing window seats.

If you prefer sitting in the window seat and none are available, it makes sense to sit or stand at the very back of the carriage. That way, you'll immediately know when someone prepares to disembark no matter where they happen to be sitting.

This will give you a time advantage over other window seat lovers; especially those that are positioned in front of the leaving passenger. The trick is to constantly keep your eyes peeled and strike swiftly — by the time other passengers commit to making their move, you'll already be heading towards the vacant seat.


    LOL no thanks, I prefer the aisle seat. It has many advantages, including:
    - you can leave faster
    - you have easier access to your pockets (for retrieving your phone or your wallet for ticket inspectors, etc)
    - your armpits have more room to breathe and your shoulders and arms are more relaxed
    - if you are large, or the person sitting next to you is large, you have much more meneavurability to get in the most comfortable position
    - if travelling with an umbrella, laptop bag or backpack, it's far easier to retrieve and stow away at the start/end of journey

      Agreed. Aisle seat, opposite the exit. Every time the door opens you get some fresh air & when i want to disembark it is much quicker and easier.

      Last edited 22/05/14 6:42 pm

        more like fresh pollution, but ok

          I'll take it compared to the disgusting smells of some people who use PT.

      Have to disagree - window seat facing backwards is a clear favourite.

      - People hate travelling with their back to the direction of travel, so you're less likely to have someone sit next to you.
      - Establish your ground early, and you can always slide a little closer to the window if you have an overzealous travel companion (AKA idiot sitting next to you)
      - 100% reduction in asses, groins and backpacks in your face
      - All your other points are just as easy on the window side, except where there is already someone in the aisle side taking up 2/3rds of the seat already.

    wow all the above commenters must not live in sydney.. you get seats on public transport?

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