The Restart Page Reminds You What Rebooting Used To Be Like

Nobody likes reboots, but they're still often a fact of life after patching. The next time you have to do that, remind yourself that it could be worse by checking out the Restart Page's gallery of restart dialogues from operating systems past.

The concept is ultra-simple — just the restart dialogues from a stack of older Windows and Mac releases (plus some oddities like NeXT and Photon). Click on a given dialogue and the reboot process will be re-enacted in real time, complete with sounds effects.

How many of them have you actually used?

The Restart Page


    It's missing:

    [email protected]:~$ reboot
    reboot: Need to be root

    [email protected]~$ sudo !!
    sudo reboot
    [sudo] password for jase:

    Last edited 27/05/14 1:39 pm

      jase is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported. The Unix police will be around shortly to arrest you and your court date is next Wednesday.

    What, no OS/2?

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