The KFC Double Is Back! Back! BACK!

The KFC Double Is Back! Back! BACK!

A new global obesity study was released today, which found Australasia to be the most obese region on Earth. With perfectly executed timing, KFC has announced the triumphant return of the Double burger. But you’ll need to get in quick — it’s only available for four days.

For those who missed our previous coverage, the KFC Double is a gloriously OTT burger that substitutes bread for two pieces of Kentucky fried chicken. Sandwiched between these oily slabs are a pair of bacon strips, two slices of cheese and BBQ sauce. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster of diabolical genius and I’m glad it’s back.

The KFC Double will only be available between 6 and 9 June to coincide with the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. In other words, you only have a measly four days to indulge in this wondrous creation. Tch, eh?

This will be the second time the Double has returned to Australian stores — it enjoyed a brief resurgence back in 2012. Assuming the ingredients remain unchanged, the Double Zinger will pack in a kilojoule count of 2515kJ, making it the most indulgent burger that KFC offers.

Despite its fearsome reputation, it’s still not the fattiest fast food burger on the market: that honor goes to the Whopper and the Spicy Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp from Hungry Jack’s. If you’re watching your waistline, you could also plump for the Original Double, which contains 576 fewer kilojoule in total.

We’ll be back with an obligatory Takeaway Truth/Taste Test come June 6!


    • I spent a while trying to figure out what your acronym means and refuse to google it… Considering this is a post about food, I’ve concluded it must be one of the below:

      If I Feast You Must
      Is it Fattening? Yes Maam!

      How did I go?

  • Not sure why this gets such a bad reputation for being ridiculously unhealthy. It’s just two pieces of chicken with some cheese and bacon. You don’t see the standard Two Piece Feed being hated on for being two pieces of chicken, chips, potato & gravy, roll, and a drink.

    Oh god, now I’m hungry.

    • Pretty much this.

      No-one bats an eyelid over their fillets box, which is essentially the same amount of chicken PLUS sides. All in all an unhealthier meal, no-one is forcing you to have the double in a meal…

      The Zinger Double is ace, and really looking forward to it. Wish Zingers had a bit more heat in them though.

      • To be fair, most people get the Double in a meal combo as well. So it’s the equivalent of a fillets box combo… that’s also smothered in bacon and cheese.

    • Exactly this, the double on it’s own is healthier than the original burger, also without the carbs.

  • a, tempted to get this with a basic zinger & combine the two like a mate once did. It looked horrid but that was part of the appeal.
    Had the double when it was 1st released though & was utterly underwhelmed by it.

  • Oh god, i think i just threw up a little in my mouth. The last one i had i was violently ill which was strange because i have had them before that.

  • I hate to say it, but I tried one last time they were around, and was left thinking “Gee, that would’ve been an awesome burger if they’d put it in a white bun”

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