Safety Tips For Driving Maniacs

Last week, we put a fleet of BMW sports cars through their paces in a series of intensive driving tests at Eastern Creek Raceway (if you live nearby you probably heard the squealing — and it wasn't just from wheels.) At speeds nearing 200km/h, we discovered how to survive everything from emergency braking to extreme cornering, culminating in a full hot lap with a professional instructor. Check out the video for a "crash course" in driver safety. If you're a speed-addicted rev-head, these tips might just save your life.

The BMW Driving Experience is a driving class that allows customers to get behind the wheel of BMW's latest sports cars. Tests on the agenda included effective steering techniques, braking exercises on wet tarmac, induced and controlled oversteer, ideal cornering lines a paced circuit laps. Check out the video below for some firsthand tips from the instructors. (As well as how not to countersteer.)

To find out more about the above classes, pay a visit to the BMW Driving Experience website.


    In a day and age where a small-mid size family hatch back (like a mazda 3 or corolla) can easily do speeds "nearing 200km/h" on a race track, doing this in a BMW M3 somehow seems irrelevant.

    Unlike a family hatchback, these BMW's won't even be breaking a sweat at these speeds...

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