Rounds Live Adds Group Video Chat To Any Web Page

Web/Android/iOS: Rounds Live is a new video chat service that turns any video, blog, article or anything else on the web into a live video chat with your friends. Think of it like hosting a live Google Hangout from any site.

The video above does a good job of explaining how the service works. You can host a live video chat with anyone you want — whether it's coworkers all looking at a website while you do usability testing, or a bunch of friends gathered around to watch the Olympics or the Oscars together even if you all can't be in the same room. Rounds is already available as a video chat app for iOS and Android, while Rounds Live is a new web offering comes in the form of a browser extension that lets you start and join video chats anywhere else on the web. If you host a Rounds Live chat, you can invite anyone else you want, including users on their smartphones or tablets.

The service is free to use, and available now. You can sign up at the link below.

Rounds Live


    Pity that there's nothing in Australia that this is worth using with, unless you can bypass geo-blocking...

    Oh the fun that could be had with porn...

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