Reminder: BYOD Won’t Save You Money

Reminder: BYOD Won’t Save You Money

There are lots of good reasons to adopt a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach within an organisation. However, you shouldn’t kid yourself that saving money will definitely be one of them.

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A survey of 271 enterprise sites carried out by Gartner reaffirms that point. When asked what benefits a BYOD scheme had bought to the organisation, the most commonly cited reason was employee satisfaction, which was a benefit for 85 per cent of organisations. Next was improved productivity (74 per cent) and enhanced access to mobile applications (62 per cent). Reduced total cost of ownership was cited by just 46 per cent.

Any up-front savings in hardware for companies too cheap to subsidise their employees are generally offset by more complex support environments and the need to develop mobile or tablet-specific apps. “A lot of companies initially think mobile is going to be a subset of current web or portal capabilities,” Gartner analyst Jim Murphy said. “But often you need to provide unique services and information because people are on the move.” There can definitely be benefits from that expenditure, but you have to spend the money first.

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  • ummm increased productivity does lead to cost savings or potentially more sales. They are also moving the burden of hardware purchase to the employee, this allows the capital to spent elsewhere, this is opportunity cost.

    In any TCO model these are taken into consideration

    • Ummm, not sure you actually read \ understood the article, read it a bit slower next time to understand what it said about this being a survey about benefits..

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