Refresh Dried Out Mascara With Eye Drops

If your mascara tube has become dry or clumpy, there's no reason to throw it out. Add some eye drops and it will be as good as new, says YouTube user beautifullyhappy.

Eye drops are a better idea than water because water can cause your mascara to flake or smude, and won't work at all if it's a waterproof mascara. In a standard-sized tube, about 4-5 drops of any generic eye drop should get the job done. Close it back up, give it a quick stir with the brush, and it's ready to use. As One Good Thing By Jillee points out, you could also use any saline solution meant for storing contact lenses.

Beauty Hacks: Mascara [beautifullyhappy via Mother Nature Network]


    As a makeup artist, I only buy cheaper mascaras - so I can turn them over a high rate (and use them hygienically while I do use them) Mascara older than 3 months becomes a ideal place for bacteria breeding - staph in particular. With the eye being sensitive and particularly vulaerable to this bacteria. If you look into the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, you will find that something like 80% of mascara has staph in it after 3 months.

    While you can dehydrate your mascara, it isn't a good idea. Your eyes are worth more than a few dollars savings on a mascara.

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