Record A Doctor’s Visit To Remember Details (But Ask First)

Record A Doctor’s Visit To Remember Details (But Ask First)

A visit to a doctor can sometimes be an overwhelming stream of information all at once. Taking notes and listening to the doctor at the same time is hard. You can solve this problem by recording your visits — with the doctor’s permission, of course

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KevinMD advocates doctors and patients working together by recording the visits:

What if it’s the woman, whom at every visit, can’t seem to remember which medication I told her to stop and which one to start? And how about the concerned adult children who couldn’t make it to their parent’s appointment and want to talk to me about how their parent is doing? Might those people benefit from the ability to record a discussion with the physician?

You must ask the doctor’s permission to record the visit and explain why you want to make the recording. Share the link with your doctor if they hesitate to give permission to record the visit.

When patients secretly record their doctor visits [KevinMD]


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