Pushbullet For Android Gets A New UI, Push-Everywhere Functionality

Pushbullet for Android Gets a New UI, Push-Everywhere Functionality

Android: Pushbullet is an excellent service if you need to move anything between devices. It has recently received an update that makes it even more useful. Now you can push a link, photo or text to all of your devices at once right from your phone.

The update brings a new card-style UI (that's all the rage these days), as well as a simpler floating share box. When you push something from your Android device, you can now choose to send it to all of your destinations, instead of just one.

Pushbullet [Google Play Store via Android Police]


    Push all the things! This update makes me happy. I recently hooked Pushbullet up to my Ninja Blocks (or rather, trying to, node.js is having some issues) so that I can push home automation events to it (e.g. doorbell rung, windows opened etc.) and get them. If I add all of my devices to Pushbullet (e.g. wife's computer, phone etc.) then we can all be notified when stuff happens.

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