Pour Coffee Pods Into A Plunger During Mocha Emergencies

Pour Coffee Pods Into A Plunger During Mocha Emergencies

There are times when you need a quick coffee fix with no coffee machine available. Instead of resorting to instant coffee, here’s a quick Nespresso hack that will give you the flavour and texture you crave.

This ingeniously simple coffee hack comes from a Lifehacker reader called Cam. We’ll let him take it from here:

I just thought I’d share with you a small coffee hack I came up with. I went away over Easter, and I wanted a way to still have decent-tasting coffee without too much fuss.
I had the idea of taking a box of Aldi coffee pods, and a plunger. It worked perfectly! You have to be careful cutting open the pod, but inside is exactly the right amount of ground coffee for a one-cup coffee plunger. It tasted no different than making it in the machine.
So that’s my idea: take a box of Aldi coffee pods camping for quick, single-serving measures of coffee for my plunger.

Thanks Cam! We’ll definitely be employing this hack the next time we’re staying at a hotel with crappy coffee facilities. Naturally, the same principle should also work with other single-serve coffee pods so just pick your brand of choice.

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  • Another great hack is to bring a pack of coffee grounds from the store and a spoon. You can use the spoon to extract the right amount of grounds from the pack and use it to transfer the grounds to a plunger.

    You need to be careful to hold the spoon from the thin end, with curved bit facing upwards, otherwise you won’t be able to extract enough coffee for a tasteful cup.

  • Sweet hack. Thanks for the detailed instructions, i could have really injured myself without them.

  • And then be sure to add the pod to the rest of the unnecessary piles of packaging in our landfills.

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