Pirate Reminder: No Game Of Thrones This Week

Around the world, thousands of Game Of Thrones fans are currently hitting the refresh button on their torrent site of choice, wondering why the latest episode hasn't appeared yet. If you're in the same boat, don't panic — HBO hasn't found a way to protect its cash cow from online piracy (yet). Instead, the show is just on a one-week hiatus. Phew.

Photo: HBO

The US is in the middle of celebrating Memorial Day weekend, which occasionally sees popular shows like Game Of Thrones rested so as not to lose ratings. (HBO failed to follow this trend during Season Two's 'Blackwater' episode. This saw a sharp drop in ratings, despite Blackwater being one of the biggest and best episodes of the entire series.)

Having learned its lesson, HBO is taking a weeklong break, with Game of Thrones returning to screens on 1 June. You could of course spend the free week thinking about your evil convict ways and perhaps subscribing to Foxtel. Or you could actually start reading the books (which are even better than the show). Your call.

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    And with the big trial by combat about to take place! Pretty dramatic timing for those Americans.

    I think any argument I hear two people having this week. I will scream from the middle of the crowd "Trial by Combat!" in hopes they will. By the Seven, I miss Game of Thrones already. Sigh #Sadface

    What's with the American networks and the obsession with ratings?
    If they benchmarked with other shows, it'd be pretty obvious if the episode was popular or not. All they're doing is punishing the people who want to watch or tape.

      Perhaps because the reason for their existence is ratings?

      Last edited 26/05/14 4:33 pm

      Broadcast networks rely on ratings to determine what shows to broadcast. There's no direct line of cash from the viewer to the network to the developer; broadcasters make most of their cash from advertisement. If a show gets bad ratings, it means not as many people were watching, therefore not as many people saw the advertisements before, during, and after the show. Advertisers won't pay for that time slot again.

      tl;dr: if not enough people watch shows in primetime slots, broadcasters go broke.

    You could of course spend the free week thinking about your evil convict ways and perhaps subscribing to Foxtel.Just when I thought Giz was doing us a favour with GoT by not showing spoilers, you come up with that rediculous line... The friggin Foxtel cartel is the reason we feel we do need to aquire it other means...!!

    Last edited 26/05/14 1:03 pm

      the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

        For it to be irony, it needs to be obvious, and I'm sorry Chris but that's not how it comes across... :)

          I think 'evil convict ways' was sufficiently hyperbolic. Also, the whole article is a cheerful reminder to pirates.

            I'll stand corrected then, but only cos I like you... Promise not to hate me..! :)

              Trial by combat!


      Was happy to buy it on itunes, but i'm not going to subscribe to a rubbish out of date, overpriced, flooded with ads TV service to watch one show!

      tl:dr Foxtel can go self procreate

    Downloading stuff manually is so last decade. Sick beard rules.

    The Drama on Facebook is hilarious, people are freaking out.

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