Pick Up Nexus 10 From eBay For $323

Pick Up Nexus 10 From eBay For $323

Much like smartphones, tablets are fast becoming a must-have device, rather than a pleasant novelty. The problem, then, is deciding which one to buy, considering all the different brands, dimensions and hardware configurations. A solid choice is Google’s Nexus 10, which you can pick up right now from the US for $323.

Photo by Gizmodo Australia.

If you hit up this eBay seller, you’ll find the unit is priced at $US269.99, with an additional $US29.12 required for shipping. The grand total is $US299.11, or $322.77 in Aussie dollars, which is a nice chunk cheaper than what local stores are offering.

As pointed out over at OzBargain, the tablet is by no means new, but considering its age, the hardware has held up extremely well. If you’re in the market for an affordable, yet capable tablet, it’s a great choice.

New Samsung Google Nexus 10 P8110 Android 10″ 16GB Wifi Tablet — Black [eBay, via OzBargain]


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