Make Apps Battery-Friendly By Grouping Data Requests

Yesterday we mentioned that messaging apps are bad for battery life. If you're developing a mobile app, you can avoid similar drainage problems by making sure you don't repeatedly request small amounts of network data.

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The report from Alcatel-Lucent which identified this phenomena explains that the real measure of problematic app behaviour is the number of times an app needs to re-establish connections with the mobile network:

App chattiness is the most misunderstood source of waste in mobility . Other than simple data compression, it represents the best option for optimising apps and reducing data volume . . . Given the chatty nature of messaging apps, it is important to optimise signaling to reduce battery drain. Bulk delivery of several messages at once, especially when users are chatting with several friends at the same time, could help preserve battery life . Optimisation requires interaction with app developers, but understanding the behaviour of the app is an important first step .

Hit the link below to grab the full report.

The mobile app impact rankings [Alcatel-Lucent]


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