Love Having 100 Tabs Open In Chrome? Give Stacking A Go

Tab management is a very active area of extension / plug-in development and while there are certainly compromises, there's no silver bullet for making 20, 30 or 100 tabs look anything other than chaotic. That said, if you're a Chrome user addicted to tabs, but not that keen on any of the available extensions, you can give the browser's experimental "Stacked tabs" feature a go.

As Additive Tip's Waqas Ahmed explains, activating stacked tabs is easy: just hit up chrome://flags by typing it into the address bar, scroll down until you find the greyed-out "Stacked tabs" option and click "Enable". You'll then need to restart your browser.

Once you hit about 13-14 open tabs, they'll start stacking to the right and once you hit around 24, you'll have them piling up on the left as well. It's definitely nicer than having a bunch of extremely tiny, unidentifiable tabs, but it's still no substitute for something like Tab Outliner.

It's one of those settings you'll have to use for 15-30 minutes before you can make a clear decision on if it's for you, but you don't have much to lose by giving it a try.

How To Enable Stacked Tab Feature In Chrome For Better Tab Management [Addictive Tips]


    I hope someone can help me here. in chrome I have it set so when I open it, it opens my favorite websites. so I have 15 websites open.

    Is there a way to create a new shortcut on my desktop for chrome that just opens 1 empty window? instead of the 15?? cause sometimes ill just need 1 window to search something, but if I open chrome I have to stop all the tabs, or let them all load ect

      chrome.exe -new-window -homepage "about:blank"

        it doesnt work, when I create the shortcut says it doesnt exist!
        It does run from the run bar fine. how would I create a shortcut on the desktop?

        Last edited 12/05/14 7:42 am

          Shortcuts are the same whether they're on your taskbar or desktop. You may need to make sure the working directory points to your Chrome folder first. Try just dragging a shortcut from chrome.exe to your desktop first, then edit the shortcut and add the parameters to the end of the target field.

      I'm a mac user, so Chrome is normally open. Yes it is always chock full of tabs.
      When I want to open a single window I right mouse click on the app in the dock and choose "New incognito window". Google is set as my home page so I can go straight to search.
      This suits me as I often prefer to search in incognito mode anyway.... so that I get unskewed results, of course! ;-D

    WOO hoo figured it out. Thanks Zombie!!

      Ah, I only saw this after your reply above, disregard my reply above then =)

    Hell yeah. This is great. I'm constantly having a bunch of tabs open in multiple windows. I can keep track of it in my head, but this helps a little.

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