LinkedIn 'How You Rank' Tool Compares You To Your Peers


    It’s an interesting idea, although the implementation seems a little buggy; the option fails for me whenever I try it.
    I think there's a slight difference between 'a little buggy' and 'completely broken' :).

    I got the same broken page initially but got it to work by clicking the tab title ('How you rank for profile views'). The page loaded properly then.

    See @talicca's comment for a more usable solution

    Yeah seems a little fubar
    This may or may not work for you, Looking in the console of my web-browser it seems to die when making a cross site call ('No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource) - ANYHOW

    If you're logged into your linked in account open a browser window and navigate to

    What you'll get is JSON output of the data the page was trying to work with, copy paste this into a your JSON parse of choice (this worked for me:

    Once you've parsed the JSON look for the Node "HYRGroups" and you'll get some insights into how you rank compared to your connections. Some further digging presents some suggested actions you could take.

    TL;DR - Some one didn't QA this properly when deploying to Live

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