Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted card-free ATMs, whiter teeth, better-behaved housemates and an evil frankenburger combining the worst of KFC and McDonald's. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How To Safely Watch The Partial Solar Eclipse
    On the late afternoon of April 29, there will be an annular Solar eclipse. In an annular eclipse the Moon does not completely cover the Sun, and the Sun forms a thin ring around the Moon at maximum eclipse depth. From Australia though, we only get to see a partial eclipse.
  2. Taste Test: The Colonel's McWhopper Burger
    As an Ark Survivor, I naively believed that nothing could ever be worse. I slept soundly at night knowing I'd plumbed the depths of bespoke takeaway depravity. Once you hit rock bottom, things can only go up, right?
  3. A Warning To 'Game Of Thrones' Fans: Spoilers Are Coming!
    If you're a fan of both the Game Of Thrones TV show and the fantasy books it is based on, we have some troubling news for you. Yesterday, Season 4 officially crossed over into uncharted territory, revealing plot details and characters that have yet to show up in the actual books (George R. R. Martin is still in the process of writing them y'see). You now have the unenviable choice of spoiling future books or blacklisting the TV show entirely.
  4. Why Excuses For High Australian Movie Ticket Prices Don't Cut It
    In the last fortnight, senior executives from cinema operators in Australia, including Village Roadshow and Palace Cinemas, have come out defending their decision to raise movie ticket prices. But do their arguments hold water?
  5. Commonwealth Bank Introduces Card-Free ATMs
    CBA customers will soon be able to collect cash from ATMs with a few clicks of their CommBank smartphone app. The 'cardless' cash service is the first in Australia and will be rolled out via a new app update in May. The app update will also introduce a new 'Lock and Limit' tool to help customers keep their card secure and rein in their spending.
  6. Top Five Awkward Kid Questions (And How To Answer Them)
    It happens to every parent eventually. One moment, your child is asking innocent questions about the Wiggles. The next, they want to know where babies come from. I call it the 'awkward question time-bomb' — it comes without warning and poor preparation can be catastrophic. Here are some firsthand tips from a survivor to help you get prepared.
  7. Ask LH: How Can My Housemate Use So Much Internet?
    Hey Lifehacker, I have a friend renting my spare room, and he's hooked up to my internet connection via Wi-Fi. I'm on a 60GB a month plan. Before he moved in, I never used up the allowance, but this month 101GB has been consumed. Two questions: what kind of activity could cause that kind of download volume, and can I be sure that he's responsible?
  8. Ask LH: Should I Use Whitening Toothpaste?
    Dear Lifehacker, I am thinking of purchasing some whitening toothpaste to try and get my teeth a few shades whiter. Does it actually work? Any recommendations?
  9. Can't Access Hulu Anymore? This Is Why
    We have some bad news for Aussie Hulu fans: the US-based video streaming service has just blocked international customers using virtual private networks (VPNs). In other words, you now have one less way to access movies and TV shows without resulting to piracy. Here's what you can do about it.
  10. Every Airline Should Do This When They Lose Your Luggage
    Earlier this week, American Airlines lost my luggage en route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. That's an annoying inevitability when you're a frequent flyer. What surprised and impressed me was the wash bag they gave me to ensure I could clean up once I hit my hotel.


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