Kinect-Free Xbox One Will Cost $499 In Australia

Tempted by an Xbox One but can't see the point of Kinect? Come 9 June, you'll have the option of buying a Kinect-free Xbox One for $499.

That's a $100 saving on the standard list price for an Xbox One with Kinect. The US pricing for the Kinect-free bundle is $US399, but once you factor in the exchange rate and 10 per cent GST, the difference isn't quite so large — I calculate the full converted price at around $470. (And as ever, I'd shop around to avoid paying full price anyway).

Microsoft is also removing the requirement to have an Xbox Gold membership to access entertainment services. The line-up of TV and movie streaming services on offer in Australia is a lot weaker than elsewhere, so this isn't such a big change, but it's a step in the right direction nonetheless.


    Glad you did the calculation - having already seen this article elsewhere and seen the US$399 figure quoted, my initial reaction upon seeing the headline was one of rage.

    It's probably also worth noting that all US retail prices are quoted pre-tax, so factoring the GST makes it a reasonable comparison for us, and in some states the sales tax is around 10% (and in a couple of cases more), but in a lot of states it's lower, around 5% or 6%.

    Already cheaper than US when you factor in Forza 5 for free at least at EB

    i think it would be a bold move if it were priced a $499 here but i doubt it will be, the price drop matches the US ps4 price, Australia wasn't lucky enough to get the full $100 difference at launch with the xbone at $600 and the ps4 coming in at $550 and i think thats exactly where the xbone it going to land here too

    You can still regularly find the console with Kinect for that price anyway, and sometimes even with a game (usually FIFA or Forza) thrown in. It seems every second day someone else is having a sale on the consoles. Amusingly, Dick Smith pulls the PS4 console from its online store prior to their 11-12% off 'storewide' sales.... but not the Xbox.

    If they match the USA with a price of $425 I'd happily buy an Xbone minus kinnect.

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