Killer Interview Question: Use A Swear Word To Describe Your Last Job

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: Use a swear word to describe your last job..

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This is one of two dozen questions used by US online retailer Zappos during its hiring process. Here's the phrasing:

What is your favourite curse word? Use it in a sentence about your last job.

We don't think saying "I don't swear" is a good idea here, because it sounds like you have tickets on yourself. One way to avoid sounding like you are bad-mouthing your previous employer (rarely a good idea) is to say something like "It had a shit-hot strategy that I was largely responsible for developing."

How would you answer the question?

24 Strange Questions You Might Hear On A Zappos Job Interview [Business Insider]


    The supervisor at my last job was an absolute grub.

      What part of that is swearing??

        The bit where he said cnt

    my last position involved fixing other people's shitty mistakes.

    My pervious job was great, pity my supervisor was a CuΠt

    Over time, one employee in ten would be accused of being an over-achieving, brown-nosing wanker - it's time to move on before they think it's me.

    Love the question "How weird are you on a scale of one to 10?"

    A: Giraffe.

    I work in water and waste water, half my time I feel like I'm just polishing shit

    Give me the fuc#ing job or I'll hurt you like I hurt the last candidate... See if that works.

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