It's Time To Say Goodbye To Springpad

With all the apps out there to help organise your day, it's inevitable that some will stay around longer than others. One such tool is Springpad, which managed a good six years. Sadly, come 25 June, it'll be all over for the online note-taking and info-sharing service.

According to a blog post from Friday by Springpad's Katin Miller, all Springpad services, including the domain, syncing and apps will cease functioning on the aforementioned date and "personal data will no longer be stored on [its] servers".

To ease the transition, the company is working on an "export tool" — it's not available at the moment but Spingpad faithfuls will be informed of its status via the developer's blog, email and website.

It'll then be up to users to grab their information before the 25 June deadline, lest it be committed to the void forever.

Announcement: Springpad is Shutting Down on June 25th [Springpad]


    This is funny to me because I just moved to Springpad the day before yesterday. I decided that I would continue using Evernote for my personal notes, but re-organise my university related content to a separate service. After looking through the options I decided on Springpad. Apparently that was a bad idea.

    This is so weird, they have not even tried to monetize their system and make the users pay.
    It is like they want to shut it down...

    I've used both Springpad and Evernote over the years, but recently moved most of my content to Zimilate. I like the visual organization, and you can save the usual webpages/files/images/notes.

    As a user of Springpad service, it is sad to let it see go. I’ve attempted a take on how to deal with services like Springpad shutting down at:

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