IT Survivor: Betrayed By Google Maps

IT Survivor: Betrayed By Google Maps

So I’ve reached Magnetic Island for our IT Survivor challenge and the technology is working well so far. With one exception: Google Maps.

According to Google Maps, this is the location of the Grand Mercure apartments where I’m staying:

So when I arrived on the ferry, I turned left. But it turns out I should have turned right. Really, I should know better than to trust Google Maps for this sort of stuff. But at least now I know how quickly the ‘main street’ in Nelly Bay peters out.

IT Survivor: Betrayed By Google Maps

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That glitch aside, I have good reception for my mobile broadband and my virtual desktop is working a treat. Tune in later today for a full walkthrough of how I’m using Horizon and the tricks I’ve picked up.

IT Survivor: Betrayed By Google Maps


  • I’ve had TomTom ask me to drive through the middle of a railway fence that always has been a fence… I’ve NEVER had Apple maps work (for some reason, all directions are reversed. forward is backward, left is right… ) and I’ve had Google maps take me the long way around to avoid a simple back street. I’ve had Navigon direct me on a 15km round trip to avoid going straight ahead for 500m.

    They’re all flawed…. but the worst of them is Apple maps. Does anyone know how to stop that useless product from being 180deg off? I’m sick of trying to convert lefts to rights and forwards to backwards. Argh!!!

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