How To Stop Those Annoying Facebook Notifications On Statuses You Don’t Care About

How To Stop Those Annoying Facebook Notifications On Statuses You Don’t Care About

We’ve all been there before: you drop a comment on a friend’s latest Facebook status and immediately dismiss it from your mind. Then the notification alerts start rolling in about other people’s comments on the same status: Every. Single. Time.

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This can quickly become irritating; especially when it comes to birthday/wedding/newborn statuses which tend to amass hundreds of dull comments. It can literally take days for those little red icons to stop appearing. Thankfully, there’s a way to switch off Facebook notifications for individual statuses and photos. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1:

Open the Facebook Notifications bar and hover your cursor over the status/photo you’re sick of hearing about. An opaque cross will appear. Click on it.

Step 2:

You’ll then receive a prompt to turn off notifications for that particular status or photo. Click ‘Turn Off’.

Step 3:

That’s it! You can turn the notification back on at any time.

The benefit of this method is that you’ll continue to receive notifications for all other statuses; including the person you blocked — you just won’t receive notifications for that one individual post. I find this is especially handy if you were foolhardy enough to comment on a status about the 2014 Budget. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


  • Now if only Facebook would natively allow you to filter out posts about the Budget, elections and selfies.

    • None of those are as bad as the cancer that is images with quotes or some other crappy text on them. It seems that 75% of all Facebook posts now come in that form. Give me selfies and personal opinions on politics anyday VS impersonal dross that’s been shared a million times.

      • Worse than all are the “Click or a child gets cancer” type moral blackmail ones.

    • I’d be happy to filter anything from viralnova/buzzfeed or matching the patter “X things that Y, #Z will blow your mind!” or “This guy X’s… what happens next will Y your Z!”

  • What I hate most is when things show up in your “most recent” feed that are old news and they justify it by saying “sherpaderp commented on this status/photo”

    What is the point of the “most recent” feed if it is showing old news?

    • This is my most hated. The only way to get a real “most recent” feed seems to be from – desktop site and apps all have the gimped “most recent”.

  • I hate those “Your post [title] is performing better than 90% of posts on your page. Give us all your moneys!” posts. I don’t post very often ( by the way), but when I do, Facebook always tries to sweet-talk me by saying my post is doing great, when it barely gets a handful of likes.

    I bet Facebook says that to all the pretty page owners they meet.

  • Never listen to advice from someone who has East 17 and NKOTB in their notifications.

  • Except that no matter how many notifications of invites (games, pages or groups) I supposedly ‘turn off’, I always seem to get notifications from the ones I repeatedly turn off

    • Notifications are like the TV – if you press off twice, you’re actually turning it back on again…

  • I hope someone is still out there… anyone have any idea how to get only ONE facebook notification icon on my phone no matter how many notifications I really receive? At the top of my phone – I guess you call it the notification bar – I will have 7 facebook !! It’s ridiculous and seems to me it wasn’t like that before….


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