Google+ Gets A New UI, Better Photo Library And Auto Awesome Support

Google+ Gets a New UI, Better Photo Library and Auto Awesome Support

Android: Google+ received a big update today, bringing a brand new UI for the mobile app, as well as improvements to photo management and Auto Awesome features. The new UI makes Google+ even more consistent with Google's current collection of Android apps.

You can also now create Auto Awesome movies or GIFs on demand, instead of waiting for the app to offer them. There's also expanded support for large photo libraries. So, if you have thousands of pictures stored with Google, you can now manage them on your phone. You can read more about the changes or, if you're impatient, download the APK from Android Police below.

Google+ App Gets A Big Update To v4.4 With A New UI, Auto Awesome Stories, Improved Support For Large Photo Libraries, And More [APK Download] [Android Police]


    Have they given you the ability to sort and manage photos by size yet? That is one of my biggest bugbears - that smaller photos do not count towards your storage, but you cannot sort which photos are over the threshold!

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