Give Local Councils A Blast With The Redesigned ‘Snap Send Solve’ App

Give Local Councils A Blast With The Redesigned ‘Snap Send Solve’ App

Snap Send Solve is a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you ping your local council about issues that need fixing; be it damaged roads, insufficient parking, graffiti, broken playground equipment, a buildup of litter or anything else that gets your goat. The app has now been rebuilt from the ground up with new features and an improved user interface.

As its name implies, Snap Send Solve allows you to take photos of public property that need fixing — the attached picture is then automatically sent to the relevant council authority using your phone’s GPS data. (You can also send the email report sans picture if you prefer.) It’s not uncommon to get a response from the council within 24 hours of reporting an issue.

When we last reported on Snap Send Solve, the app had a user base of 20,000: if the app makers are to be believed, this has since leaped to 70,000.

To download Snap Send Solve on iOS or Android, head to the Apple Store and Google Play, respectively.


  • i was tempted to take a photo of the email response from my council (who recommend SSS), which said they were unable to handle email attachments.

  • I don’t think this app is a good idea as it has no relationship with the Councils. All it does is email a request that the Council then has to input into their systems. Also the app gets the Councils wrong having not included the four new Councils in Qld. Check if your local Council has their own app instead. Also some have their request systems on their websites mobile aware. It is more likely to be integrated with their workflow and systems making it easier for them and helping give you better service like tracking and history. Also doesn’t hand your personal data to a third party like the makers of this app.

    • Used this last night to report graffito tags on the Church St Bridge last night. Received an email that VicRoads are on the case first thing this morning! It’s also my Mum’s favourite app!

  • Great app! I’ve reported at least 4 things with the app that have all been fixed within a matter of days. So much better than neat streets.

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