Freeze Bacon Slices Individually With Wax Paper To Avoid Waste

Freeze Bacon Slices Individually With Wax Paper to Avoid Waste

Bacon is awesome. Wasting bacon is not awesome. So don't pop your bacon straight into the freezer. The Kitchn has an easy trick to individually freeze slices for easy thawing without any waste.

All you will need is some wax paper or baking paper. You stack your slices individually while folding the wax paper above each slice. Basically, you will form an accordion with the bacon and wax paper layers.

Once you're done, pop this into a freezer bag and place it into your freezer. When you need to use bacon, you just tear off as many slices as you need. They separate easily, unlike a whole pack of slices frozen together. Then it's just a matter of thawing the slices and they will be good to go.

How to Freeze Individual Slices of Bacon [The Kitchn]


    Ok, so we avoid waste by wrapping every slice of bacon in it's own wax paper wrapper.... how is that not wasteful?


      It means you can buy a 1kg pack of bacon and use it over months instead of buying small packs of bacon all the time and using all that plastic packaging.
      The ziploc back you store the paper divided pile in can be re-used, and if you are keen you can probably use the wax paper 4 or 5 times as well.

    Or you can roll them up and stand them on their end in a tuppaware container and you dont need to waste baking paper, there is minimal surface area touching and therefore frozen bonds are easily broken

      I used to do that (but in ziploc bags) but they would still stick together and you would have to wait for them to defrost before frying them if you wanted a nice evenly cooked strip

    I am yet to find a time where I take out more bacon than I can cook and eat in one sitting.

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