Four Knife Cuts Every Cook Should Know

Once you have a few good knives in your kitchen, you need to know the right way to use them. The folks at Serious Eats put together a basic guide to the four knife cuts that every cook — home or professional — should know how to do: the slice, the chop, the back-slice and the rock-chop.

Learning to handle a knife is one thing, but learning how to properly use it when you're preparing food is another. Using a knife properly doesn't involve jamming it like a wedge through your food — you'll get better results if you learn to properly slice, make use of the full length of the blade, and then chop when necessary, making use of the force you can apply to the blade.

Serious Eats' guide includes videos for each technique, including the rock-chop (shown in the video above).

Knife Skills: The 4 Knife Cuts Every Cook Should Know [Serious Eats]


    Not to mention that learning how to chop correctly will save you from nasty accidents with your new knives.

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