Fix A Zipper That's Gone Off The Tracks With A Few Stitches

Fix a Zipper That's Gone Off the Tracks with a Few Stitches

Most of us have experienced the aggravation of a zipper just abandoning its track. If you can't easily get it back on and don't want to bother with replacing the whole zipper, here's a quick fix.

Essentially, you'll cut a slit on the zipper tape that's not connected to the zipper pull (between the teeth and below the pull). Then slide the pull over the open slit and all the way down. Stitch the opening you just made so you can pull the zipper back up and down. Here's a visual:

Fix a Zipper That's Gone Off the Tracks with a Few Stitches

For more photos and step-by-step directions, see the post on the Make It or Fix It Yourself! blog. Or see our guide for more zipper problems and their solutions.

How to Quickly Repair a Broken Zipper [Make It or Fix It Yourself!]


    Last year I was travelling around Africa for a few months.

    Had a zipper on a pair of shorts go. Had to basically do this and ended up sewing the whole zipper up. Then later on, had a zipper on a pair of jeans go. Ending up having to do this.

    I think it was something of monthes of dirt and crappy hand washing. Then to top it off, had the zipper on my bag go at one end. Which was endless attempts to fix before sewing up that one zip.

    I would have loved a little book or guide for this kind of stuff. Trying to use crappy internet for fixes was a real pain. I was doing everything, with my swiss army knife, trying to fix the zippers.

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