Every Airline Should Do This When They Lose Your Luggage

Every Airline Should Do This When They Lose Your Luggage

Earlier this week, American Airlines lost my luggage en route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. That’s an annoying inevitability when you’re a frequent flyer. What surprised and impressed me was the wash bag they gave me to ensure I could clean up once I hit my hotel.

Virtually any hotel will supply you with soap, and many (though by no means all) will also offer a toothbrush (though not usually toothpaste). But I’ve yet to stay in a hotel that supplies deodorant, so the small stick of that in the bag was an especially welcome addition. After flying all the way from Australia, you really need a shower, and this meant I didn’t have to pay hotel lobby rip-off prices for an emergency deodorant.

I didn’t end up needing the razor, the comb or the hairspray, but it’s a sensible compilation. More airlines should do this. (And yes, my luggage was found — though it took a rather long time to reach the hotel I’m staying at.)


  • Very impressive little kid, something similar to that from an airport / hotel cost me about $65aud which iv had to pay when my luggage got lost for 2 FREAKIN WEEKS! and all i got was a ‘my bad, chin up kiddo’ which annoyed me a little bit coming from someone about 10 years younger than me!

  • Looks something like a standard first class toiletries set.

    I’d likely guess that should your bags be lost internationally you would have a good chance asking any airline for their first class toiletry set to tide you over. I’d imagine most customer service people would know how to get one from plane restocking to the service desk.

    Good idea *files it away in his head for future reference*

    Standard disclaimers apply: be nice to the person behind the desk, they didn’t lose your bags.

    • Not going to be much help at domestic locations though! (And I’ve never seen deodorant in any of the first class sets I’ve been given on planes.)

        • Actually, I have (just the once) and you’re right — there was a Rexona. I’d forgotten that. But I haven’t been offered one of those by Qantas when my luggage has gone missing 🙂

  • Qantas is even better . They give $500 plus a wash bag. There best I travel about 10 – 15 International major flights a year with at least 8 to 10 legs per trip.

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