Download Free AAA Computer Games From EA Origin's 'On The House'

Download Free AAA Computer Games From EA Origin's

Windows: Electronic Arts has launched a new initiative called "On The House" which lets you download full-version PC games for free.

As far as we can tell, there is no catch here. All you need is an EA Origin account and the software installed on your Windows computer (OK, for some, that is the catch). Every month, EA will be giving away a new game to download to your hard drive for free, and the first one on offer is Dead Space, which expires on May 8.


    If only this wasn't origin. Already own Dead Space, but it would be worth it if I didn't, so I'll wait until something else really tempting comes along.

      + 1. I hate having to have multiple game delivery platforms installed, I'd rather everything just be on Steam. Still, kudos to EA for doing something to try to improve their awful reputation.

      Why do you think they're doing it? Trying to get people to use their platform. Lots of people own BF3 and BF4, and then if you have a few more games in your library, you're more willing to expand it and accept it as another library.

    Isn't this one month old news, why is it only being posted now?

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