Dick Smith Will Soon Be Selling The Chromecast In Australia

The Chromecast came out in the US in July last year, but despite a recent expansion of markets it still isn't officially available in Australia. Looks like that might be about to change: Dick Smith is listing the Chromecast on its site.

The Dick Smith listing says the Chromecast will cost $49 and will ship on 28 May. That seems broadly in line with the US pricing of $US35, albeit a tad on the high side.

It seems likely that other retailers (and Google's own Play Store) will also offer the device around that date — we'll keep you posted. There are lots of apps which support Chromecast, but if the Chromecast comes with a native ABC iView app, we'll be very happy.

Update: The listing seems to have been pulled — but that might just indicate someone going live a little early, we suspect.

Thanks Beau for the tip!


    Hahahaha I also sent this in to you guys! I noticed this by going through their navigation tabs (Under TV there was Chromecast!)

    Oh, and now they have removed the listing! Definitely a release date.

    I would still buy from the US, There will be limitations on these. WIll not be able to use any US streaming services on them.

      I agree, without a doubt there will be region locking content. Let's hope it doesn't end up like Apple TV,

      Bad news for you is that the devices are already DNS locked to Google's servers so weather or not you get one from AU or US you'll not be able to access US content. On the plus side there is a workaround solution http://support.unblock-us.com/customer/portal/questions/1385727-chromecast

    I already bought mine from Fishpond for $55.

      Good luck with that, they never arrive. Fishpond is dodgy as. At least they give refunds when their products don't arrive.

    Yep, I ordered one on Fishpond too and canceled it when they said the order was delayed. Fishpond are crap! You can get one on eBay for $10 more than Fishpond froimn local seller in Australia factory sealed.

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