Cloud Patches: S3 And Route 53 Go Mobile

Last week in cloud computing: AWS updates its mobile apps, added attributes to its Simple Queue Service, and introduces its first professional certification.

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  • AWS Console, the iOS and Android app for monitoring Amazon installs, has now added support for S3 and Route 53. Updated apps on both platforms are available now. (Given the widespread use of S3, I'm a little surprised that took so long — it was added in the last update and not announced, but it still seems odd that it wasn't in there alongside SC2 right from the get-go.)
  • If you fancy messing around with Amazon's CloudFront content delivery service, it's now included as part of the free usage tier — the testbed new customers can use for the first 12 months after they sign up. More details here.
  • Amazon Workspaces (virtualised Windows desktops) are now available via its European data centres. We've been promised this for the Sydney centre by mid-year, which doesn't leave that long to be honest.
  • Amazon's Simple Queue Service messaging system now lets you assign attributes to messages. Up to 10 individual attributes can be assigned to a message, though, as the announcement post acknowledges, at that stage you're not exactly being simple in your approach.
  • A new certification has been added to Amazon's collection: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Level. I won't be applying for this one in a hurry.
  • We're expecting a lot of Azure-related announcements at TechEd US this week, which might explain why it was a relatively quiet week on the Azure front in the run-up. Next Monday's Cloud patches may well invert the Azure/AWS ratio.

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