Cloud Patches: Azure Cloud App Discovery, AWS CloudWatch For SWF

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon adds CloudWatch metrics to SWF; Azure previews Cloud App Discovery.

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  • Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) now automatically publishes metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, enabling you to monitor services and automatically trigger actions if there's a problem. More here.
  • AWS' Route 53 domain service now offers the ability to perform health checks across specific domains (it already had the ability to check specified IP addresses).
  • Sharing your AWS access keys would be a foolish mistake, but foolish mistakes do happen. Here's a handy guide to what to do if you do accidentally share those credentials.
  • Azure has begun previewing a new Cloud App Discovery feature that can identify the apps in use in your organisation. Any existing user can sign up to test the service. More details here.

Cloud Patches rounds up new features and services added to major cloud computing platforms each week..


    It is great that Simple Workflow Service (SWF) can now mechanically publish metrics to CloudWatch. Users will now be able to handle difficult video encoding pipelines using SWF. ScheduleToCloseTime metric, for example, will help start and manage scale-up as well as scale-down operations.

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