Classic Theme Restorer Brings Back Firefox's Old Design

Classic Theme Restorer Brings Back Firefox's Old Design

Firefox: With the latest update, Firefox brought a brand new, Chrome-ish design. If you prefer the old look, you can get it back with a single extension.

Classic Theme Restorer replaces the new design with the old familiar look. The developer recommends starting over with a new profile, or alternatively deleting "localstore.rdf" from your profile folder to avoid any potential conflicts after upgrading from Firefox 28.

Classic Theme Restorer [Firefox Add-Ons]


    First thing I did after update was to restore the addon bar, the rest I can probably live with, but this article is bookmarked just in case.

    First thing I did was shrug and download Chromium. If my browser is going to look like Chrome, I may as well use the best one in that cluster.

    Bloody hell... FF is one of the most customisable browsers you can get. If you can't find an extension or plugin to make it work then go with Chrome, but it's really net that hard people...
    All-in-one sidebar, Downthemall & Roomy bookmarks toolbar, will fix most issues....

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