Chromebox For Meetings Has A Bad Case Of Australia Tax

When Google announced its Chromebox For Meetings solution back in February, it promised it would be released in Australia "later this year". It's now officially available — but with a hefty "Australia tax" markup.

The Chromebox bundle, which includes ChromeOS-powered hardware from Asus, a camera, a microphone and a remote control, will cost $1450. The US pricing is $US999. Even after currency conversion and adding GST, that's a major difference. (Back at launch, I guessed at a price of $1299, which turns out to be way too low even with an assumed markup.)

With supermarket giant Woolworths one of the early testers for the platform, Google probably isn't overly concerned about the higher price tag. Then again, I bet Woolworths isn't paying $1450 a box.

Can you imagine Chromebox For Meetings being useful in your organisation? Tell us in the comments.

Aussies can now have better meetings with Chromebox for meetings [Google Australia Blog]


    The fact that this was announced give me hope that Chrome Cast is on it's way soon

      DickSmith - PreOrder for ChromeCast happened yesterday.

    I was going to create my own Chromebox setup with just a regular chromebox and our existing HD Cam. Just need one of those speaker mics

      If its the one in the picture, that's a Jabra 510 SPEAK unit.

      or at least a very good copy.

      Last edited 22/05/14 2:06 pm

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