Build A Shallow Pegboard Cabinet For Extra Storage

Build a Shallow Pegboard Cabinet for Extra Storage

Need some extra storage in your house, but don't have the room for a full closet? The Family Handyman has a guide for a shallow, pegboard-equipped closet that you can fit just about anywhere.

Ideally, you'd remove some drywall to fit this cabinet in place, so this trick isn't for renters — but it would work well in a small house without a lot of storage. Once you've done that, building the cabinet is the simple part — just get some pegboard, some casing that matches the trim in your house, and some small shelves. From there you can hang or store anything you want close by.

Hit the link for detailed instructions, measurements and diagrams.

12 Simple Storage Solutions [The Family Handyman]


    Pegboards are one of my favourite ways of creating storage. But there is another trick to it, that you need to make sure your items aren't too big and bulky standing up, if not it entirely defeats the purpose of trying to create a shallow cupboard for storage space. Best to keep the bigger things like the vacuum cleaner and tools in the garage ya?

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