Briefly: US Censors Vs. Sin City, Cheap Whisky, Milk Mutants

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The Sin City poster Hollywood didn't want you to see, get a bottle of 12yr Chivas Regal for $39, why loving milk makes you a mutant.

  • Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, with Eva Green in the titular role, is attracting a lot of attention in the United States. The latest poster for the movie is apparently too hot for public display. Gizmodo has the report.
  • Epiphany Games is an Australian video game studio that is using Microsoft's Kinect to revolutionise motion capture in gaming. Kotaku recently paid them a visit and ended up inside the game.
  • Scientists have finally solved the mystery of why rechargeable batteries go bad. Click here for the science bomb.
  • Milk is full of lactose, which needs a special enzyme called lactase to break it down. Humans are supposed to stop producing the enzyme around the age of four or five — which means those of us who still make it are, in fact, mutants. Check out this video for a full explanation.
  • Dan Murphys is currently selling bottles of Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky (700mL) for just $39. Bargain! [Via OzBargain]


    correct ozbargain link for the chivas regal:

    (we have to stop meeting like this, chris)

    Last edited 30/05/14 6:34 pm

    Chivas isnt bad, but I prefer Chivas 18 over 12. I did notice that 12 year Dimple was going cheap recently, and they're running out the 12 year old Dewars

      Few would argue that a 12yo Chivas is better than an 18yo...but that's not really the point. $39 for a Scotch is $39 for Scotch. Quality of the drink isn't what this deal is about.

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