BPM Is Not A Job You Can Do On The Side

Business process management (BPM) projects typically require lots of time, lots of money and involvement from multiple departments. Not everyone working on a BPM project will have that as their sole focus, but if you don't ensure a high level of involvement, the entire enterprise is unlikely to deliver results.

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When building a BPM team, Gartner analyst Michele Cantara offers one simple over-riding piece of advice:

You have to stipulate they need to spend at least half of their time on the BPM effort. Otherwise you don't get a big enough time slice and people don't develop the relevant expertise.

Picking the right people is also important. "Lack of roles and skills are a key reason for failures in BPM projects," Cantara said. "It often comes down to a lack of leadership. Often projects go off the rails simply because of not having the right people"

Cantara's suggestions for picking the right people? "Over-hire for transformational skills. Don't just focus on technical skills. Get experts in change management. That will save you a lot of headaches in the end."

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    I'm really looking forward to making a BPM cake. I'm not really sure why I'd need "lots of time, lots of money and involvement from multiple departments." for such a task (it doesn't look like a particularly complicated cake) but I guess I know why when I see the recipe.

    Is that white chocolate on the top?

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