Beanhunter Site Is Now A Smartphone-Friendly Way To Get A Good Coffee Fix

Coffee-hunting app Beanhunter has long been one of our favourite local success stories. The Beanhunter site has just been revamped to offer adaptive design, meaning it works better than ever on any mobile device.

Coffee picture from Shutterstock

While Beanhunter is already available in Android and iOS versions, the updated site, which resizes to match your screen dimensions, is a useful bonus for users on other platforms, or people who don't want to install the app. According to Beanhunter, 40 per cent of its site traffic comes from mobile devices. The main site was revamped in May last year.

Beanhunter [via Beanhunter Blog]


    This app was a lifesaver in the USA. It led us to the places where Aussies had thankfully reported decent coffee, no drip sludge here. My wife sings it's praises in a recent SMH travel article.

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