Australia’s Most Admired Public Figures (And How To Emulate Them)

Australia’s Most Admired Public Figures (And How To Emulate Them)

Roy Morgan Research recently conducted a nation-wide poll to discover Australia’s most admired public figures. In a surprising result, the top ten was chiefly made up of politicians, with not a single sports personality making the cut. Read on to see the full list, along with some tips on how to emulate the highest ranking man and woman.

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For its national poll, Roy Morgan asked 10,209 Australians to name the three public figures that they admired the most. The top spot was taken out by current US president Barack Obama, followed by former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard at #2.

John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott, Quentin Bryce and Malcolm Turnbull also made the top ten. In fact, the only non-politicos on the list were Queen Elizabeth II and er, Dick Smith.

Here is the Top Ten, along with their percentage of the vote among males and females:

It should be noted that the Roy Morgan poll was conducted in 2013 between January and December. We also suspect that many of the participants were simply naming political figures from the news in a bid to sound brainy. (Abbott? Really?)

That said, there’s no denying that the people on this list possess certain leadership qualities that some people find appealing. If you’d like to be more like Obama, click here for a handful of his favourite productive tips. If Julia’s more your bag, these negotiation tactics could be worth a look.

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  • article about Australias most admired public figures with a picture of Tony Abbot, its gotta be a joke right?

  • You might want to rethink the title image, the only thing Abbott inspires me to do is throw up.

    Funny how Abbott has the lowest number female admirers

      • Nope, it looks like Quentin Bryce has the lowest male admiration at 30.6% where Joolia has 33.6%

          • and don’t know who Quentin Bryce is.

            Which is probably the real reason she has such a low number of male admirers compared with Julia.

            Quentin was the first female Governor General of Australia. The Governor General can fire the prime minister, commands the Australian Army and appoints judges, ministers and ambassadors.

            She is widely admired because she (a) was the first woman to get the most powerful position in the nation, (b) did a great job in this mostly-ceremonial position and (c) got away with expressing her views for Australia as a republic, and for same-sex marriage – while being the catholic monarch representative in Australia.

          • catholic monarch representative? The Queen is the head of the Church of England – nothing at all to do with Catholicism. There is nothing religious about the GG’s role anyway.

  • Stop Tony Meow has failed!!! Wut? They can’t spell Abbott? (Abott.jpg)

  • I’m just devastated that somewhere out there someone actually admires Malcolm Turnbull

    • Before he destroyed the NBN, Malcolm Turnbull was an alright polly, he tried to convince his party to go along with Rudd’s carbon tax and then got axed for it. Guess afte that he realised he needed to pull his head in and stop acting all ‘sensible’ and follow party lines?

      • In terms of Liberal party ministers, he’s still near or at the top of the pile.

  • My comment didn’t get published? I know the comment would no longer be entirely correct, but what if I just changed all the factual references that refer to Julia Gillard to Tony Abbott instead? Maybe change Victorian police investigation and royal commission to “wall punch”?

    That would be considered appropriate wouldn’t it? Or at least it would fit in with this site’s not-so-thinly-veiled left wing bias. The lack of facts don’t matter as long as the rhetoric agrees with you.

    How did all of the inflammatory comments above about Abbott get in?

    You know damn well that everything I wrote is well established fact and in the public domain. I know better than to generate further ad money for Gawker from here on out. Who wants to knowingly read political propaganda particularly when it’s obvious that the discourse is being manipulated?

    Enjoy your socialist support group that capitalises on ad revenue from like-minded hypocrites.

    • Simmer down petal. I am not sure where I see the left wing political bias? Tony does a fine job making himself really popular. just look at the polls.

    • alone
      adjective & adverb
      1. holding the above opinion
      “Abbott = best PM since John Howard”
      synonyms: by oneself, on one’s own, all alone, solo, lone, solitary, single, singly;

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