Australia Post Says It Will Deliver Six Days A Week

Australia Post Says It Will Deliver Six Days A Week

So this we did not expect: far from echoing global trends to kill off mail services, Australia Post is going to start six-days-a-week deliveries across the country next year.

Australia Post says six-days-a-week delivery — which has been offered during the Christmas period in recent years — will become standard in 2015. That year will also see the introduction of a two-tiered postal system, similar to that offered in the UK, where first-class post guarantees next-day delivery, while the cheaper second-class service takes longer.

Post charges went up as recently as the end of March, but that switch included a discounted rate for pensioners and the unemployed. On the whole, this change seems good to us. What do you think?


  • Makes no sense… They’ve been prattling on about how they’re losing money on mail deliveries for months and now they’re increasing the service (and therefore the costs?

  • I wonder if you can hold off delivery until a day of your choosing. Would love to be home during the times things can actually be delivered.

    • You should look into the parcel lockers. They’re free, and you can collect your parcels 24/7. They’re the only reason I use Australia Post.

        • This is true, but you can still get stuff from overseas sent to them, as long as it’s regular mail and not a premium international courier. And it still beats having to wait at home all day waiting as a driver slowly rolls past your house while throwing one of those “while you were out” cards on your lawn.

          • I’ve had a couple of stores that don’t list who they ship via, or listed auspost but didn’t use them. Either have to go into the aus post outlet during business hours to pickup over the counter, or have the courier call me and make me go pickup from their depot, a 90 minute round trip to the industrial suburb that has them all from the city…

            Unless I am 200% sure it’ll go to the parcel locker I don’t even try with mine anymore.

          • It’d be a great option, something I would certainly use. But the closest one is over a 2 hour drive from me. They need to roll these out everywhere!

  • I’d gladly take 3-day-a-week delivery so long as one of those days is Saturday, and that’s the day when they deliver parcels.

  • Instead of having 3-6 set days for the country, alternate.

    Inner suburbs get Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday while outer suburbs get Monday, Wednesday and Sunday??? Or something similar.

  • Or how about Aus Post stop using contractors who don’t care when stuff gets delivered! I have worked in freight for 11 years and still struggle with areas where Aus Post “pass the buck” to other companies, I know of places which are 10mins out of a major city which are 6 days express post!

  • I would be pretty happy about this. Have all my parcels sent to my work so doesn’t matter what day they deliver it. Having something delivered on a Saturday would be great as means something that would leave Friday i could possibly get on the Saturday instead of waiting till Monday.

  • Shirley, They Jest. Watch the postage costs go up, they’re bleating about not making enough money now for the degrading quality of service they’ve currently offering…

    And when Oz Post drops their parcel charges to at least try ‘n compete with Courier ones then I’ll think of going back to them. Until then I’ll continue to get my packages sent to my workplace – someone’s always there to receive them even if I’m not.

  • i just wish my local post office was open on saturdays,
    i dont get home from work till 10pm and by that time the post office is closed, iv only purchased 1 parcel this year because i am incapable of picking them up (had to take a sicky). Having regular mail delivered 6 days a week doesnt phase me in the slightest as the letter will wait in the box till i pick it up lol

  • Australia Post offer an E parcel service where you can book in what day you want the delivery and if you want it delivered in the AM or PM time bracket, they even provide the shipper with a list of available delivery dates based off the despatch date.

  • Australia Post have already ended next day delivery in regional Victoria, so maybe it is possible to get a weekend service but what you ordered will take a lot longer to arrive.

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