Ask LH: Should I Buy Expensive Batteries?

Hi Lifehacker, Is it worth buying expensive batteries for my remotes, wireless mouse, keyboard and so on? Or am I better off buying the cheapest option out there and replacing the batteries more often? Thanks, Overcharged

Dear Overcharged,

It very much depends on what you use. The remote control for your television doesn’t actually need a lot of power: it’s not a device you use terribly often and it isn’t doing anything overly complicated. I’ve always run my TV remote on el cheapo batteries and I can’t even remember when I last replaced them.

For more frequently-used devices such as a mouse, a higher-capacity battery may be a better investment. If you’re constantly replacing bargain batteries, then you may end up spending just as much (and also being annoyed by the constant changeover). That said, it doesn’t cost much to buy a set of cheap batteries and see how you go. If your mouse runs well, stick with them. If it doesn’t, upgrade.

Ultimately, research suggests the cheapest option altogether is to avoid single-use batteries altogether and choose rechargeable batteries (which also has the advantage that you’re throwing out batteries less often). While there’s a high outlay initially to purchase the charger, you’ll end up saving money over time. So if you’re undecided, buy rechargeables.

That’s our take. What have readers found? Power into the comments.

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