Ask LH: Is It OK To Call A Recruiter Back?

Dear Lifehacker, Last week I received a phone call about a job I applied for and the recruiter wanted to talk about my work experience. I was driving on a freeway and couldn’t talk hands-free, so I asked if I could call them back. They said they would call me back the next day. It’s been a week and they have yet to call me; should I call them instead? Thanks, Need A Job

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Dear NAJ,

You should absolutely call them — the sooner the better. Under these circumstances, I’d have called the person the day after they said they were going to call you. It’s sensible not to do so immediately, since that gives the person calling you the chance to make good on their promise. But when that didn’t happen, it’s both OK and sensible to make another call yourself.

Realistically, there’s a chance that the job has now in fact gone to someone else, and that the person involved is just trying to avoid the awkwardness of that conversation. But you won’t know that until you call. It could also be that the person is question is swamped and hasn’t had a chance to revisit the issue all week. In that case, calling up is a clear demonstration of your own enthusiasm for the position. So make the call. You have nothing to lose at this point, and a potential job to gain. Good luck!


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