Ask LH: How Can I Claim Old Frequent Flyer Points?

Hey Lifehacker, I flew with Malaysia Airlines in September 2013. I did not have the flights linked to my Malaysia Airlines Enrich account so did not earn points there. I became a Qantas frequent flyer in December 2013, however I am unable to claim the missing points there as my account was not active at that time. I cannot remember my Enrich ID or password. Is there any way to get these points on my Qantas FF account? Thanks, Disappointed

Dear Disappointed,

Unfortunately, there isn't. Malaysia Airlines has been a member of the Oneworld alliance since February 2013, which means you can potentially earn points on your Qantas account for flights. However, Qantas' rules only allow you to claim flights taken up to 30 days prior to when you first enrolled in the Qantas program. Since you flew in September and enrolled in December, the flight you took isn't eligible — and I can't imagine Qantas would be willing to stretch the point, especially for a flight on a partner airline rather than Qantas itself. You could ring and ask — it never hurts to ask nicely — but I'd be amazed if you were told any different, especially since Qantas is becoming meaner with its points scheme.

The key lesson here for everyone? Make sure you have a frequent flyer number entered into your booking every time you fly.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    Howabout claiming points from an Emirates flight about a week before they officially joined Oneworld? I was a Quantas FF at the time.

      Emirates aren't part of Oneworld -- the partnership with Qantas is separate to that. So I'd imagine not, as there wouldn't be a codeshare applicable.

    I am assuming your mean you are trying to claim Qantas points from your Emirates flight before the partnership was inked. I think you already know the answer if you think about it. But you can try and claim Emirates Skywards points from that flight.

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