Are Fast Food Standards Slipping?

As Takeaway Truth’s Hall of Shame has shown, fast food often resembles a dog’s breakfast – with a taste to match. Whether your guilty “pleasure” of choice is pizza, burgers or fried chicken, the results are invariably a careless, slipshod mess. Is it just us, or are the ingredients and presentation actually getting worse? Discuss.

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Granted, fast food has never been considered haute cuisine but we can’t help but feel that standards have slipped a little in recent years. I can’t remember the last time I received a well constructed burger from a big chain restaurant and hot chips are even worse — they used to taste delicious while now they just fill a hole.

We’re not sure what’s changed to be honest. Could inadequate staff training be to blame? Or does the fault lie in cost-cutting measures? Maybe it’s the industry’s push towards healthier cooking practices, which usually translates to blander food. (The use of vegetable oil in place of beef tallow is one obvious example of this.)

Whatever it is, there seems to have been a marked drop in quality, particularly when it comes to appearance, taste and assembly. At least, that’s been our experience throughout Takeaway Truth. (For the record, we do try to shop at different outlets, so it’s unlikely that an individual store is to blame.)

As always, we’re keen to hear what our readers think. Have the major takeaway chains experienced a drop in quality? Or are we just having a string of appallingly bad luck? Vote in our poll below!

Also feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. We’d particularly like to hear about the worst takeaway meal you’ve eaten in recent memory along with what made it so bad. If we’re lucky, someone in charge of quality control might see and take notice!

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