Gmail Is Dumping The Ability To Send Calendar Invites

Gmail Is Dumping The Ability To Send Calendar Invites

At Lifehacker, we’re all about doing things as quickly and efficiently as possible; which makes this impending Gmail “update” a bit of a drag. From the beginning of July, you will no longer be able to send Calender invitations through Gmail. Instead, users will be required to head into Google Calendar. Boo!

Here’s the message that currently greets you when you click the ‘insert invitation’ button while composing an email in Gmail:

Starting July 2014, this feature will no longer be available. You can continue sending email invitations from Google Calendar.

In place of this one-click, single window solution, users must revert to opening Google Calendar in a new tab, creating a new event and inviting guests by entering their email addresses and clicking Add. Tch.

“It (truly!) is always tough choosing which features to continue to support,” Google explains on its support page. “We make these decisions carefully, so please know that! We’ll still be supporting creating invitations, just through different steps. The workaround now is to click into calendar and to create an invitation from there.”

You can find out how to send invites through Google Calender here.


  • This makes no sense.

    Also if you use alias’ with gmail you are now in the poo as gcal only supports sending from your default gmail.

    This is one of the those annoying times when you feel like the world just got a bit less convenient for no obvious reason

  • does anyone know of a 3rd party app that can replace this feature? We use it all the time with my music teaching business, Teach 2 Teach. We use it to invite our music students to our lessons and send reminders about the lessons. It’s annoying having to switch back to the calendar to create the event and add the invitation when you’re already writing an email.

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